Slap10 - Manage Your Brand Image with Press Releases

You don’t have to be a business to send out a press release. SLAP10 is a “Life Event” newswire, where people send press releases with search results in mind.

Got a promotion?  Giving a talk at a conference?  Recently engaged?  Child on the way?

Your name is a brand, and search results for your name contribute to your brand image.

The SLAP10 search engine optimization (SEO) platform was designed by industry-recognized SEO thought leader Craig Hordlow (co-founder of Red Bricks Media). 

“I designed the publishing system to give every SEO opportunity for every action,” Hordlow says. “For anyone wanting to affect image search results, this is one of the best options out there. I initially designed SLAP10’s platform after watching Fusion’s documentary series on the evil mugshot industry, so visitors could create thousands of decoy images optimized for their name to bury mugshots, and that morphed into what you see today.”

About slap10
Slap10 is a tool for managing your brand image online.

While press release sites typically charge hundreds of dollars per press release, SLAP10 is an affordable monthly subscription ($10/month or $90/year), encouraging members to send off a press release whenever they want and not whenever its within budget. After all, a “Life Event” newswire should have continuity.


SLAP10 is a Bay Online Media company in Seattle, WA.